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Excelso Colombian Supremo whole coffee beans, infused with 250 MG hemp-derived CBD, makes for the perfect morning beverage to give you a jump on your day, without the jitters.Originating in the Caldas region of Colombia's "Paisaje Cultural cafetero", high in the Andes mountains between 2,500 and 4,000 feet above sea level, this rich coffee bean has medium-high acidity thanks to the effects of altitude on soil. The acidity is perfectly balanced by hints of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla, thanks to years of expertise in producing java cultivars to precise specifications in the small family-owned coffee farms of Colombia. Green Roads imports this coffee, and then applies a proprietary pharmacist-devised infusion method that blends our hemp-derived CBD into the aromatic coffee beans. The antioxidant effects of CBD and other cannabinoids help to further balance the acidity of this rich bean, and counter-acts some of the undesirable side-effects of caffeine.